The yacht charter industry works on a first come first served basis, and therefore we request a payment of 100% to secure your booking.

Cancellation by the charterer
We will apply the cancellation charges on total event fee, detailed below:

Yachts up to 95 feet
Within 7 days of charter date - 100% of total event fee.
Over 7 days and up to 30 days - 50% of total event fee.
31 days and over - 25% of total event fee.

Yachts 95 feet plus
Within 6 weeks of charter date - 100% of total event fee.
Over 6 weeks and up to 12 weeks from charter date - 75% of total event fee
Above 12 weeks from charter date – 50% of total event fee.
If you cancel your charter you must advise us in writing and the cancellation will be effective from the date this is received. If you have notified us by email, please follow up to check that we have received it.

In the event of a forecast for bad weather conditions prior to departure, we reserve the right to reschedule to an alternative date. Refunds will not be made for bad weather as this is outside our control. If rough weather should occur during the charter, the Captain will make the decision on whether there is a necessity to alter the planned route, or to return to the marina for safety reasons.

Fuel, at an economical cruising speed (10-15 knots), is included with our UAE charters for cruising within local waters to the marina where the yacht is berthed. High speed cruising is available on request at the discretion of the Captain and will be charged at AED 2,000 per hour, payable in cash at the time of the request. Fuel is not included on charters of over 6 hours.

If you discover that you have left any personal items on the yacht, please give us a call immediately, and we will contact the crew to inform them. We do our utmost to return lost property however our yachts are sometimes chartered twice in one day and we cannot therefore be held responsible for any items left onboard once your charter has ended. We highly recommend that you collect your lost property within 24 hours.

Security deposit
A security deposit is required for all charters against the possibility of damage to the yacht, loss of equipment or late return. The amount, payable cash on embarkation, varies according to the charter operator, location and size of yacht.

You are permitted to bring your own alcohol however it is the responsibility of the Captain to ensure that guests do not compromise the safety of themselves or the yacht due to excessive alcohol consumption. In addition to the above, the marinas in Abu Dhabi have strict regulations regarding disembarking charter clients and will not tolerate loud or unruly behavior on their premises. Please ensure that all your guests are familiar with the standards of behavior expected onboard the yacht and in the marina.

Recreation Liability Indemnity
No liability is accepted for any personal injury during any recreational activity including swimming,fishing, parasailing or any other water sports.

It is customary to pay a gratuity to the captain of the yacht at the end of your charter if you are happy with the service provided. He will distribute this amongst the crew. We suggest a gratuity of 2.5% of your charter fee (excluding extras) depending on your level of satisfaction.

Please ensure that you and your guests arrive for your charter 15 minutes before the start time in order to avoid any unnecessary delays leaving the marina. We cannot add additional time to your charter if you are late as there may be another charter booked after yours has finished.

Please bear in mind that the charter price includes access to the yacht one hour before the event and one hour after the event for set up/take down. If more time is needed, then you will be charged for the additional hours as the crew need to be on duty whilst suppliers are onboard the yacht.

1) Booking subject to agree on this booking terms.
2) Rescheduled bookings are subject to availability, which cannot be guaranteed. We are not hold responsible for non-availability (Cancellation Clauses Above Apply).
3) The private yacht charter fee includes the use of the yacht and equipment, crew’s wages, Insurance and fuel for maximum 6 hours cruising.
4) In case of charterer delay, (20%) of the total charter fees will be charged on every hour.
5) Extra cruising hours and charter extension subject to agree by Walidia Senyar Events.
6) Security cash deposit is required against any damages or in case of extra cruising hours.
7) Offer Subject to availability and weather conditions on selected date(s) and valid for 30 days.
8) Confirmation e-mail is required with the desired event date(s), number of guests and extras.

1. Passport or ID.
2. Anti-seasickness tablets if required. We recommend taking these at least one hour before departure for maximum effectiveness.
3. Sun Cream (no oil please), sun hat and sun glasses.
4. No shoes are allowed inside our yachts. Outside- flip flops or soft shoes with non-marking soles are permitted (except on Super yachts where no shoes are permitted).
5. Swimming towels.
6. Sweater in case it is cooler towards the end of the afternoon or evening.
7. Camera and i-pod.
8. No smoking is allowed inside the yacht.
9. No glasses are allowed on deck if the yacht is underway.