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Founded in 2011, Walidia is the UAE’s super yacht industry leader, uniquely specializing in yachts of over 30 meters (100 feet). Renowned for its professional yachting services, the company leverages its expertise too!

Walidia has an eye for the extraordinary that comes naturally after more than 10 years of serving international royalty and the global elite. Entering the world of Walidia Yachts means going beyond luxury and experience curated journeys as unique as the people we serve.

Walidia’s first-class charter service offers a portfolio of the finest yachts in the best cruising destinations. The super yacht credentials of Walidia are unmatched, and we ensure that our clients enjoy the highest levels of customer service. We will present you with the very best opportunities that the yachting market has to offer. In Walidia Yachts we do our best to make our clients feel comfortable. Contact us, and let’s dock together.

Our services

We provide each client with a unique experience that is created and customized to their exact requirement. We have built up our service offerings and contacts in the industry slowly and steadily. The clients receive the benefit of this; their yacht experience is well-organized and exceeds their expectations.

Our customers

We serve VIP clients such as foreign presidents, sports stars, and local royalty. We have and are growing our relationships with luxury travel agents which services 5 Star clients; destination management companies; as well as luxury tourists i.e international market.

Our location

Our location allows us to better serve customers because we work in the heart of our target market. Walidia Yachts has grown from conception to fruition in Abu Dhabi. We have a deep understanding of this market, its trends, and its potential.

COO Message

Walid Abusaad

As Chief Operations Officer of yacht brokerage and management company Walidia Yachts, we’ve been navigating through a challenging time.

We are the UAE’s leader in all luxury yachting services and since 2011, Walidia Yachts has been synonymous with the finest yachts in the world and known for our expertise and trusted advisory services in sales, purchase, yacht rental, marketing, yacht management and yacht construction.

From Abu Dhabi to Victoria, discover some of the world’s most sought-after beach and island destinations as Walidia books secluded getaways for its guests year-round.

Walidia doesn’t just meet your needs with the right yacht, we also offer you exclusive cruise destinations and itineraries. Our team can also take care of the vital logistics of your ground experience – from restaurant and nightclub reservations to getting the best experience for concerts and sporting events, as well as exclusive jet, helicopter transfers. or by luxury car.

We are here to support you through every stage of the process, offering our knowledge and advise on every single aspect of your purchase including technical consultancy, management, and yacht charter.

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