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Founded in 2011, Walidia is the UAE’s superyacht industry leader, uniquely specializing in yachts of over 30 meters (100 feet). Renowned for its professional yachting services, the company leverages its expertise too! We are here to support you through every stage of the process, offering our knowledge and advise on every single aspect of your purchase including technical consultancy, management, and yacht charter.

Walidia’s first-class charter service offers a portfolio of the finest yachts in the best cruising destinations in the UAE region. The superyacht credentials of Walidia are unmatched, and we ensure that our clients enjoy the highest levels of customer service. We will present you with the very best opportunities that the yachting market has to offer. In Walidia Yachts we do our best to make our clients feel comfortable. Contact us, and let’s dock together.

Director's message

Walid Abusaad

Abu Dhabi islands one of the most exclusive islands in the Middle East, with a magical atmosphere. Combine it with the breathtaking Abu Dhabi Coast for the complete charter experience. Beautiful islands, rich classical heritage, and excellent resorts.

“Come here if you like swimming in sparkling waters, strolling around romantic beaches, eating incredible food, and soaking up the stunning scenery.”

My highlights would include a private visit to Nurai Island with a seafood restaurant and a great spa. For the fine dining Emirates Palace, the most exclusive hotel in Abu Dhabi has a selection of restaurants including Mezlai an Emirati Restaurant. My favorite anchorage is on Bahrani – one of the most beautiful natural islands in the entire Abu Dhabi. With over 200 islands there’s a deserted beach out there for you! Have fun snorkeling in warm waters where the results of your underwater photography are always great. Why not try a deep-sea fishing experience? Fishing was one of the main livelihoods of the Emirates and a major part of their culture. See how to use the hooks and lines, then take your catch back to the yacht for your chef to prepare!

“Abu Dhabi is my idea of paradise, with a sunny climate, deserted beaches, truly clear waters, and wonderfully friendly people.”

Plan your yacht charter for early or late summer, if possible. Embark and disembark in Abu Dhabi. Allow a week to explore, but we can also organize longer charters to include the magical Dubai, You would need a couple of weeks or more for this, but it’s highly recommended if you have the time.

Walid Abu Saad

Meet our team

Our management team knowledge ensure effectively on overcoming the expectations of our clients and has unique experience in the industry including expertise in the yacht charter and events business, yacht management, marketing and communications (English, Arabic and Spanish).

Suleyman Kodas

Yacht Master
Yachting company Abu Dhabi

Walid Abusaad

Director of Charter and Sales

Ahmed Nahas

Dubai Fleet Manager

Mahmoud Hamad

Contract Manager

Vector Perera

Recreational Manager

Bilal Al Sayed

Private Chef