Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. A luxury five star hotel in Abu Dhabi located in a dazzling natural bay is an eye-catcher for many and a place of great events. A breathtaking and massive colourful main dome above the lobby area features a majestic rainbow-changing effect at night. It is picked out in gold. In the daytime, you will fell in love with the hotel’s golden-sandy colour that contrasts with the blue sky. Visit its fresh green gardens and silvery water fountains. Inside there is a luxurious SPA that will provide you with relaxation and service you have not even dreamt of.

In a pristine private beach & five star service

Arabian Interiors

It is the pearl of Abu Dhabi and a symbol of luxury in a sophisticated style. The majority of the suites in Emirates Palace are furnished in gold and marble. In general, gold, mother of pearl and crystals dominate the interiors.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Emirates Palace is the third most expensive hotel ever built in the human history. You have to see this. You have to experience it in a royal style.